The Love Dare Project

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Project: The Love Dare Project
Description: The Love Dare is a book. It basically is a marriage guide. It contains a daily verse, message, questions, and a dare. It's really about recognizing, responding and reporting your findings. (There is another R word out there…maybe 'repair', or 'reconsider'.. I'm not sure yet.

Why? I'm doing this just to repeat the original challenge. It helped me understand some things then. So I'm sure it will be beneficial again. My original is at  The Love Dare Journal
Who? I am Stan Bush, and I am married to Cheryl Bush.
What? Completing the Love Dare Challenge
When? I am beginning this on November 27, 2016. I will finish it by January 15th, 2017. I know that is more than 40 days, but I'm a realist. There will be days that I simply will not be able to get to this.
Where? This will be posted to and They will be under the 'Faith" category in my F Words. They will also be part of my 'One And Done" project.
How? I plan on setting up time in my planner to do this daily. I will schedule an hour, but it could take longer. It could also take less. The steps below contain my rough outline. 
10 Steps/Points:
1.       Setup the templates for the first week
2.      Take the test at
3.      Read the message daily
4.      Consider the questions daily.
5.     Answer the questions from the day before daily, in the following day's post.
6.     Accept the challenge and do it.
7.      Post the blog
8.     Create a twitter image
9.     Create an Instagram image
10. Rinse and repeat
Other Notes:
1.       Create an image for
2.      Schedule the time on your planner for each day. Remember… it is an hour.
3.      Consider doing this for your mother in law
4.      Consider doing it for your kids
5.     Consider doing it for your clients
6.     Consider doing it for your employer (Brown's Farm Market)
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Company Name: Sales Training And Networking
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