Too Smart For Our Own Good?

The reason our economy, our businesses and in some cases our families are in such terrible shape these days is because we are just too dang smart for our own good. We are so sure that we are smart enough to overcome any issue all by ourselves that we become and of ourselves. We believe that we can buy or sell ourselves out of any predicament. That's simply not true. I'm going to point at the supposed 'bailout' performed by the US Govt. What they said was that the stolen money would help put the economy back on track. (I call it stolen because that's exactly what it is...stolen from the US working population.) The truth is , all it did was replenish the coffers of those that put us in this situation to begin with.
If you're a government employee, I'm talking about you. Just because you're a teacher doesn't mean you get a bye. Your should have been standing up to the parents that were complaining that the standards were too high. Oh, and guess what soldier boy... Small businesses put not just their lives, but the lives of their families on the line everyday. You say 'Yeah, but they don't get shot at!' my question is 'Well exactly how many bullets came whizzing by your head during your four year stint as a weapons specialist? None? Thats what i thought. So shut up. There are more murders committed in and around businesses on a daily basis than will ever occur on the battlefield.' The point is, you're breaking the spirits and backs of the people that carry you. You're just too self absorbed to realize it. You're smart like that. You think it's ok as long as it doesn't effect you. The problem is, it does effect you. And unless you decide to stand up for what's right, rather than what will benefit you the most for the moment, you're going to lose everything. Actually, you're going to lose it anyway. You don't own it. You only think you do because it's in your possession. But the same people who are taking the freedom of others and giving it away....will be coming for yours soon enough.
But you really don't have to worry about it, because it's the next couple of generations that will be paying for your decisions. Your great grandchildren will be paying for you. And they will hate you for it. But... You're smart like that.
Unless you turn to the truth, rather than your perception of truth, you're just outsmarting yourself.

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