The Lure of Doctrine Without Power

I'm not sure why yet, and I intend on praying about it, but this chapter didn't exactly trip my trigger. It wasn't poorly written and it's message wasn't important... It just bored me is all. Maybe it's because I got a late start, which means I wasn't able to look forward to me daily one hour walk/run. Or maybe it's because its the first day of the month and my mind via already working on the other plans I must firm up and implement this month. Maybe it's because I didn't follow my plan and count my blessings yesterday. Whatever the reason, it doesn't matter. I just didn't seem to get much from this chapter.

What I did get was that Jim feels like there needs to be a national revival movement. But what does that have to do with Doctrine Without Power?
Perhaps thats what the issue is for me. Maybe the chapter failed to deliver on its promise. Whatever the reason...I will pray that it is revealed to me.


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