Day 26 - Love is Responsible

Today's Verse:

When you judge another, you condemn yourself, since you, the judge, do the same things. – Romans 2:1 HCSB
Today's Message:

Yesterday was about forgiving your spouse. Today this is really about asking for forgiveness for things you have done, that may still cause issues with your spouse. I guess I should have known this was coming, but it still leaves a little uneasiness in your stomach to have to do this. Plus, I'd bet I could do this for days and never run out of things. Where I think she is 'all that and a bag of chips'.. I on the other hand have A LOT of areas for improvement.

What I should do is focus on the recent stuff… the things that I probably could, and should be doing something about. Career, kids, health, etc are all things that I'm sure she wonders why I don't pay as much attention to them as I should.
Today's Questions:

  • Are you taking responsibility for your own faults?
  • Have you said or done things to your spouse – or to God – that are wrong?
Today's Dare:

Take time to pray through your areas of wrongdoing. As for God's forgiveness, then humble yourself enough to admit them to your spouse. Do it sincerely and truthfully. Ask your spouse for forgiveness as well. No matter how they respond, make sure you cover your responsibility in love. Even if they respond with criticism, accept it by receiving it as counsel.

  • What does your mate need to see in order to believe that your confession was more than just words?
    • Just as yesterday's confessions was a trial and personal… so are today's. I took a little different approach in that I asked if there was anything that she hadn't forgiven me for…and that's when she let me know there was. We talked about it for a little bit and she said she did forgive me. I guess now I know though… some things never go away completely.
Each one must examine his own work … in regard to himself alone. (Galatians 6:4) - -



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