Day 21 - Love is Satisfied in God

Today's Verse:

The Lord will continually guide you, and satisfy your desire. – Isaiah 58:11
Today's Message:

     This is about where you place your trust. What's really GREAT about this lesson, is the way that it fits in EXACTLY with the way my mind is working right now. I was just thinking about the infallibility of God vs the undependability of Man yesterday.

      That statement doesn't mean that you can't depend on your spouse… because you can. However, the truth is your spouse will fail you at some point. Whether it's not fixing your favorite dessert, not spending enough time with you, or not fixing the coffee just exactly the way you want it. Your spouse is human. It's going to happen.

     However, God will never fail you because he is Spiritual. He is…in a sense… above the fray. The things that he battles are not those of the flesh. It's very comforting to focus on the things that REALLY matter, rather than those that will soon pass.
Today's Questions:

  • Where do you put your trust?
  • How do you show that trust?
Today's Dare:

Be intentional today about making time to pray and read your Bible. Try reading a chapter out of Proverbs each day (there are thirty-one – a full month's supply), or reading a chapter in the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John). As you do, immerse yourself in the love and promises God has for you. This will add to your growth as you walk with Him.

  • How do you think spending time daily with God will change your situation and perspective?
    • I think it will make me take a look at the underlying causes for some of the things that bother me. I think it will let me relax some and really understand that I'm not in control of anything. Yes, I can control some things…such as how much food I put in my mouth, how much money I spend on something, and how much time I spend with my family vs my work; but I can't really 'control' those things in the much larger view.
    • I think it will make me trust in God more. I think sometimes that is a very large part of the battles that I carry on with others. Why should I argue with someone who is obviously not playing under the same rules as I am. Even if I win…they will just change the rules in their favor anyway.
  • How can you make Him a bigger part of your day?
    • I should spend more time in prayer. I should spend more time listening and reading the scripture. I can remember to ask "What does God want me to do?" when it comes to my decision making.
You open Your hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing. (Psalm 145:16) - -



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